Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Discusses How IFM’s Food Plans Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy

September 9, 2020

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC discusses how IFM’s food plans can improve patient outcomes and overall health.

We are taught about the importance of dietary nutrition in grade school. So why is it that so many adults in the United States suffer from chronic diseases?

In fact, almost half of the adults in the U.S., are suffering from chronic diseases. Many of them are suffering from more than just one. The experts at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC explain that food plans developed by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) can improve patient outcomes when battling chronic diseases, like cancer, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts explain that many of these chronic diseases are due to poor nutrition and excessive alcohol consumption. Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts add that most of the patients suffering from these chronic diseases know that their excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of exercise, or smoking are detrimental to their health. However, they don’t have a personalized or practical plan to combat the issues. 

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC health experts explain that people suffering from chronic diseases need a lifestyle change, and that lifestyle change can be made via an IFM food plan. These food plans are specifically designed to suit the individual patient’s nutritional needs. They’re not a one-size-fits-all food pyramid.

The experts at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC explain that food can be used as medicine, and it can be used to reverse or prevent a number of diseases. They add that IFM food plans provide far more than just healthy foods for patients to eat. They start with nutritional fundamentals and run through processes of foundational interventions (such as a core food plan), first-step interventions (such as an elimination diet), or advanced therapeutic interventions (such as a detox or mito food plan).

The Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts explain the result is a personalized nutrition plan carefully designed for the patient and their health issues. Some may be in need of a vegetarian core food plan, while others may need a cardio-metabolic food plan or a GI specific food plan. Multiple food plans can also be combined into one to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts emphasize that an IFM food plan can give the patient the framework he or she needs to start making major health changes. The goal is to provide health plans that are personalized and possible for the patient to accomplish. 

Clinical examples have shown that IFM food plans have helped lower cholesterol, reduce patient risk of heart disease, improve digestion, and even reverse the negative effects caused by chronic diseases. The experts at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC urge anyone interested in making changes to improve their health and enjoy a higher quality of life to contact Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and learn more about possible IFM food plans.