Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Focuses On Providing Functional Medicine to the Community

Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy

August 7, 2020

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is bringing functional medicine to communities that need it most.

“Functional Medicine” is considered an unproven alternative medicine by some and a fact-based medical approach by others. Ultimately, functional medicine is exactly what it sounds like — treatments and medications that seek to find the root cause of an illness. Many Western medical processes treat symptoms rather than underlying causes. Functional medicine does the complete opposite. 

Due to its efficacy and results-based methodology, functional medicine is at the forefront of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC’s activities in the community.

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Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and the Mission of Functional Medicine

Most pharmaceutical companies take a “profits only” approach to business. This is part of the reason why the pharmaceutical industry has a bad reputation with many Americans. Drug prices are high, treatments are not always effective, and the quality of healthcare can vary based on your income and the region in which you live.

That’s why Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is ready to try something different. While they have revised their mission statement and goals over the years, their latest approach is turning heads. Rather than merely producing new drugs to treat illnesses, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is actively researching the root cause of these illnesses. This way, medications won’t just make people more comfortable, they will actually cure them of their ailments.

Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is spearheading this new initiative and he had a few things to say on the subject:

  • “Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is dedicated to researching and manufacturing the drugs that people actually need. We don’t want to make the pain go away for a few hours; we want to make the pain go away for good.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “In recent months, the team at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC has been developing this plan to move from a traditional drug manufacturing formula to a functional medicine approach. This puts the patients first and helps get life-saving drugs into communities that need it.” Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “A lot of people question the thinking behind functional medication. They fail to see that it has the potential to take medical treatment a step further. We’re not thinking about the next few days or weeks; we’re looking far into the future. And when it comes right down to it, functional medicine is the future, whether the healthcare industry likes it or not. – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “Finally, I would like to say that the team at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is dedicated to communities around the nation and the world. We don’t produce drugs solely to make a profit. We produce results to make lives better. Time will show that our methodology is the best method to keep people happy and healthy for the long-term.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi