Dr. Navid Vahedi Offers Simple Yet Effective Ways to Change Your Eating Habits

Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy

April 4, 2021

Effective Ways to Change Your Eating Habits

Dr. Navid Vahedi recently offered simple yet effective ways to change your eating habits.

Dr. Navid Vahedi is a compounding pharmacist with a focus on holistic health. He holds a firm belief that many diseases can be prevented through proper nutrition and diet. Although, he admits that entirely changing your eating habits will require time and effort. Dr. Navid Vahedi recently offered his top effective ways to change what and how you eat. 

“We have developed very strong habits regarding our eating over the years,” Dr. Navid Vahedi said. “Much of this stems from our childhood and traditions that were passed down from our parents and grandparents. This is why they can be so difficult to break.”

Dr. Vahedi explained that adjusting eating habits should not be a radical, drastic change you make. These changes are rarely successful, and while they may result in short-term weight loss, they can result in weight gain or other health issues down the road.

The CDC recommends a three-step process for adjusting eating habits — reflect, replace, reinforce. This involves reflecting on your eating habits by creating a list of what you eat each day and when you eat it. This will help you highlight certain habits, so you can understand the cues that are causing them. 

Next, the CDC recommends eliminating those bad habits and replacing them with new, healthier ones. New healthy habits may be eating more slowly, eating when you’re actually hungry, or planning meals ahead of time.

“The concept of reinforcing these new habits is especially important,” Dr. Navid Vahedi said. “This step requires patience with yourself, as you’ll likely break your new habits numerous times before they become second nature.”

Dr. Vahedi emphasized the importance of not being too hard on yourself when you engage in one of your previous unhealthy habits. The key is to stop engaging as soon as possible and assess what made you do it. It’s easy to think that one unhealthy choice eliminates an entire day or week or healthier choices, and that is not true. 

Dr. Navid Vahedi offered additional tips for changing the way you eat, such as always keeping healthy snacks nearby, so you don’t resort to a quick bag of chips or fast food. Additionally, a major problem in modern times is that we eat in front of our screens. Dr. Vahedi suggested putting down your smartphone, turning off the TV, and eating with awareness of what you’re consuming and how you’re consuming it. 

Changing your eating habits will not take place in a day, but starting now and taking small steps toward your goal can result in a happier and drastically healthier life down the road.