Dr. Navid Vahedi Examines How Functional Medicine Will Take a Great Leap Forward in 2021

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April 2, 2021

How Functional Medicine Will Take a Great Leap Forward in 2021

Dr. Navid Vahedi of Axia Pharmaceuticals has worked in the functional medicine field for many years and has helped many people with a variety of conditions. And as his expertise grows and care options expand, he has found that a growing number of breakthroughs and advances will help this field become even more critical to medical treatment throughout 2021 and beyond.

Dr. Navid Vahedi Examines the New Potential for Functional Medicine

Over the last few years, functional medicine has expanded in ways Dr. Navid Vahedi has been happy to experience. A growing number of facilities are embracing the treatment philosophies of this care method, looking to find new ways to help others. And Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that 2021 is a year in which this field will grow even more, primarily by focusing on personalized care methods.

Personalized care is critical to functional medicine, Dr. Navid Vahedi says, because it allows clinicians and treatment specialists to fine-tune their care in a way that makes sense. For example, Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that personalized telemedicine will be big in 2021 – due to the pandemic – and will be used to provide functional medicine help in a way other types of care methods cannot.

For instance, Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that telemedicine will make it easier to diagnose specific types of diseases and use functional medicine techniques – like range-of-motion exercises – to help someone with conditions like sprained ankles or broken bones. The idea behind this personalized approach is to enhance a person’s body physically, mentally, and spiritually on all possible levels.

And Dr. Navid Vahedi believes 2021 could be the year of functional medicine’s real breakthrough because advances like improved AI diagnostic tools would make it easier to diagnose potential concerns. The main idea behind functional medicine is to focus on individual elements that affect a person’s health, and Dr. Navid Vahedi believes AI can help pin-point things other tools may not.

For instance, he believes that AI diagnostics will enhance our understanding of how the body’s systems interact. A better grasp of the interplay between the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, and other parts of the body will allow Dr. Navid Vahedi and other functional medicine professionals to track the source of many diseases and provide treatment in a hands-on fashion.

Beyond these changes, Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that many research projects will finally come to fruition in this field. For instance, many projects test the effectiveness of massage therapy and chiropractic care on various types of diseases, such as cancer. When they are done, Dr. Navid Vahedi believes that their findings will help transform the functional medicine field in ways that will finally become real in 2021.