Dr. Navid Vahedi Discusses His New Vitamin Line Vital Path Nutraceuticals

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April 3, 2021

Discusses His New Vitamin Line Vital Path Nutraceuticals

Dr. Navid Vahedi recently discussed his new vitamin line Vital Path Nutraceuticals.

LOS ANGELES, CA / Dr. Navid Vahedi whole-heartedly believes proper nutrition and a healthful diet can prevent numerous diseases. He is a certified compounding pharmacist with the Professional Compounding Centers of America and a successful entrepreneur at the age of 41. Dr. Navid Vahedi recently dilmscussed his newest entrepreneurial venture, Vital Path Nutraceuticals. 

Vital Path Nutraceuticals is a brand new vitamin line created by Dr. Navid Vahedi of Axia Pharmaceuticals. He noticed the COVID-19 pandemic had made a void in the vitamin marketplace very visible. Our society is lacking a healthy blend of vitamins and minerals that can help prevent and combat cold and flu viruses. 

“Vital Path Nutraceuticals is one way in which I can help individuals live more healthful lives,” Dr. Navid Vahedi of Axia Pharmaceuticals said. “When the COVID-19 virus began spreading like wildfire, I noticed there was no real vitamin on the market to combat the contraction of flu and cold viruses.”

Dr. Navid Vahedi explained there are a variety of products geared toward easing symptoms of the cold or flu once they have hit, but few products are successful in prevention. According to Dr. Navid Vahedi of Axia Pharmaceuticals, the right combination of vitamins and minerals can boost the immune system and overall health. Vital Path Nutraceuticals vitamins are designed to prevent the onset of the flu or colds and reduce the dependence so many people currently have on medication. 

“We want to provide a safe, effective, and natural way for everyone to fight off colds, the flu, and other viruses before they take hold of the body,” Dr. Navid Vahedi of Axia Pharmaceuticals said. 

Dr. Navid Vahedi added that while this venture is entirely new and in the works, he looks forward to improving the lives of others. His passion has always been to help others get well, and he sees Vital Path Nutraceuticals as a way to keep others well in the face of contagious viruses. 

“The concept of neutraceuticals dates back to the 1980s, but it’s still foreign to many Americans and others around the globe,” Dr. Navid Vahedi of Axia Pharmaceuticals said. “Through Vital Path Nutraceuticals, I hope to show the public that their overall health is very much determined by nutrients they put in their bodies. Life-threatening viruses will have much a smaller impact if we have the nutrients needed to fight them already within us.”