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Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Discusses How Functional Medicine Can Help Optimize Immune Function During Pandemic

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC provides high-quality injectable medications for patients, physicians, and hospitals. Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and its director, Dr. Navid Vahedi, both take a great interest in functional medicine and how it can help make people well. The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

As the novel coronavirus advances, there are several steps you can take to naturally boost your immunity and reduce your chances of contracting the virus. Keep yourself and your family healthy and safe with these functional medicine prevention strategies.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Suggests Behavioral Prevention Strategies in Alignment With the CDC’s Recommendations

There are many prevention strategies. While no one prevention strategy is guaranteed to keep you from catching COVID-19, implementing as many of these behaviors and lifestyle changes as possible will form a sort of swiss cheese effect – there may be holes where the virus can slip through, but if you have enough layers, those holes will eventually be covered. 

Wear a Mask Says Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC 

In public, and around people outside of your immediate family, wear a face covering that fits close around your mouth and nose. You should still be able to breathe easily. Always wash your hands before you put it on.

Wash Your Hands Advises Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Frequently washing your hands with soap and water is the most well-established way to keep from catching or transmitting viruses like the flu and COVID-19. Use hot water and scrub for a full 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer if you cannot wash your hands.

Avoid Touching Your Face Recommends Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Your eyes, nose, and mouth are all entry points for germs and viruses. Avoid touching our face as much as possible – especially with unwashed hands. It will be more difficult than you think – the average person touches their face more than fifteen times per hour. 

There Are Also Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Boost Your Immunity Says Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC 

In addition to certain behavioral changes, functional medicine also focuses on lifestyle changes to help boost your immunity and prevent illness. Doing everything you can to keep yourself and your family healthy also benefits the community by reducing transmission of the virus. 

Reduce Stress Advises Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your immune system, which makes it much more likely that you’ll fall ill. Try to identify the source of any stressors in your life and reduce them as much as possible. 

Good Sleep is Crucial Says Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Sleep has a terrific influence on our immune functions, so it is vital that you get high-quality sleep and enough of it. Try to maintain consistent bedtimes and morning alarms so your body knows when it’s time to sleep and wake up. Having trouble sleeping? Try turning off all screens an hour before bed and make sure your room is dark and cool to promote sleep.  

Exercise, self-care, supplements, and eating well are also excellent ways to boost immunity naturally and keep yourself safe. Functional medicine is all about focusing on the root cause of disease and trying to find natural ways to prevent it, says Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC. 

Navid Vahedi Discusses the Growth of Functional Medicine and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Is Playing a Major Role in the Growth of Functional Medicine

During the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in the field of medicine and one of the biggest shifts has been the growth of an area called functional medicine, which Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are heavily pursuing. Given the role that functional medicine can play in the overall health of individuals and families, it is important for everyone to know how this field intersects with traditional medicine. Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are going to take a closer look at this interesting topic.

Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Reviews Functional Medicine

First, it is important for everyone to know what functional medicine is. According to Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC, functional medicine is a unique field of medicine that takes a closer look at how and why illnesses occur. Instead of treating the symptoms on the surface, the goal of functional medicine is to remove the cause of the illness, which will allow the body to fight off the illness on its own. Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals are trying to find a way to apply the fundamental goal of functional medicine to traditional medicine in and of itself.

Dr. Navid Vahedi Discusses the Role of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are located in Los Angeles, CA. This organization focuses on the general medical and surgical hospitals within the healthcare field. Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are unique because they are a compounding pharmacy. This means that they make most of their medications from scratch. Recently, the company has shifted its focus to functional medicine, which takes a science-based, individualized approach while also empowering both patients and practitioners to focus on the underlying cause of diseases to promote optimal wellness. With the potential that exists in this field, the company is now looking to use its medications to target the root causes of diseases to shift the manner in which these conditions are treated.

Dr. Navid Vahedi Discusses the Future of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and Functional Medicine

Even though Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are still relatively new to the field, the potential is clearly there. During the next few years, Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC are only going to deepen their focus when it comes to functional medicine. The opportunity to reduce the timeframe of disease and remove symptoms without leading to side effects will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for patients all over the world. In many ways, this is going to be the future of medicine.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Examines How Design Methods May Improve During COVID

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is watching the changes wrought by Covid-19 with both fear and optimism. The fear is due to the apparent financial and health crises this pandemic has triggered. However, their optimism is present due to the unique innovations and design enhances that they have seen rise throughout the nation. This pharmacy believes that such changes are signs of how well people can adapt to life challenges and create a better word during hardship.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Examines How Hard Times Fuel Change

Design and innovation may seem like it would stagnate during pandemic times or other challenging periods. However, history shows that this is not the case. Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC has noted that struggles often push people to higher levels of strength and force innovations and changes in how various designs are implemented.

The most prominent example of that now, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC says, is the COVID vaccine race. The fantastic speed with which this process is going is fueled not only by desperation but by enhanced design methods. Better and more efficient testing machines are being created to handle this process, which could help to make disease treatment even more effective in the future.

And other design innovations are being continuously created by skilled medical professionals. For example, nurses have developed a method that allows one ventilator to be used safely for two individuals. This ad hoc adjustment could enhance future machines’ design, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC believes, by showing how they could be used more efficiently and safely.

Beyond the medical world, though, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC has seen many other design enhancements and changes. For example, moving to a remote working environment for a majority of people has forced better wireless design and better security measures. Many may likely stay with this at-home work method to save money, further enhancing the need for better wireless connectivity and security.

This factor has focused heavily on 5G networks, which have expanded even further than anticipated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Enhanced connection speeds at reasonable prices make it even easier for businesses to adapt to a stay-at-home work model. And Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC expects more design changes like this will become permanent for many companies.

Interestingly, concepts like drones and robots also become more critical, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC notes. These automatons’ designs include more accurate control methods, precise movement, and other enhancements that make it easier to use them for delivery, various types of hard labor, and other processes that may be hard to do during a pandemic due to a lack of available workers.

About Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Located in Los Angeles, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC supports many local businesses by providing high-quality compounding medicines. Their stated goal is to enhance medication efficiency and safety and create new designs that forever transform the medical world.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Finds Functional Medicine Can Help With COVID Care

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC provides functional medicine care for many patients and is focused on providing high-quality care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their functional medicine approach has helped to identify many new treatment methods that can boost a person’s health and provide a substantial barrier to infection.

The Functional Approach Applied by Fusion IV Pharmaceutical INC

Functional medicine is a unique branch of treatments that Fusion IV Pharmaceutical INC has helped expand over the years. It focuses heavily on managing a person’s health through natural changes, such as adjusting their diet and their exercise routines.

In this way, functional medicine provides a unique opportunity to strengthen a person’s immune system against Covid-19. The worst symptoms of this disease are found to occur in those with weaker bodies or underlying conditions. Fusion IV Pharmaceutical INC seeks to help those with these problems by making their bodies more substantial and more resistant to diseases.

And Fusion IV Pharmaceutical INC has pioneered many care methods to make this process more streamlined and efficient. By understanding these techniques, those who are at more risk during this pandemic can decrease their potential risk and avoid severe symptoms.

Methods Used By Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

At Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC, patients are being asked to follow the basic COVID prevention methods. These include social distancing – staying six feet away from others at all times – and washing and sanitizing hands whenever possible. Washing hands with soap for up to 20-30 seconds can help to kill many germs, including the COVID virus.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is also creating dietary plans for patients that include healthy and unprocessed foods, cutting down on starches and unhealthy grains, and focusing on medicinal foods like spinach, cabbage, oranges, olives, and apples. These foods have flavonoids that help fight viruses, including kaempferol, hesperidin, and quercetin.

And Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC also provides immune-boosting treatments to help fight Covid and other conditions. These treatments include various types of supplements, such as 1,000-2,000 mg of Vitamin C, 20 mg of Zinc a day, 1-2 mg of sustained-released melatonin, and 1,200 mg of NAC every day. These supplements help keep the immune system functional and healthy.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC implements breakthrough techniques and delivery methods to enhance supplemental delivery. These include multiple infusion methods that work supplements directly into the bloodstream, making their delivery more comprehensive. Those who cannot tolerate this type of care may receive oral supplements that they can take at home.

About Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is a compounding pharmacy that focuses on functional medicine, a patient-centered approach, and science-based care. Located in Los Angeles, California, they have helped promote wellness, better health, and medical science advances for over five years. They are led by Dr. Navid Vahedi, a passionate compounding pharmacist.

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Discusses How to Support Health in Underserved Areas

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC recently discussed how to support health in underserved areas of the United States.

A number of factors prevent U.S. citizens from receiving the healthcare they need. These difficulties are often caused by cultural, social, or economic barriers that make healthcare unaffordable or difficult to access. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC recently explained that these barriers are most often imposed on those who live in low-income or underserved areas of the country. He discussed how organizations, doctors, and everyday citizens can help support superior health in these areas.

The Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC compounding pharmacist explained that citizens outside of these underserved areas need to do what they can to help those within them. This means advocating for more available and affordable healthcare. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC added that the relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient needs to be drastically more transparent as well. Healthcare providers need to be upfront about healthcare costs, they need to be more mindful of cultural backgrounds and language barriers and more considerate of work schedules without paid time off.

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC explained that the goal is for healthcare providers to always consider the patient’s social, cultural, and financial conditions when providing care. He explained that one way to do this is through health coaching for people living in low-income and rural areas, Health coaching involves informing the patient of how they can take control of their health personally. The Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC compounding pharmacist explained that this can be through encouraging a more active lifestyle, developing a weight loss plan, or simply educating patients about ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, which can, in turn, improve overall well-being.

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC also suggested the concept of shared medical appointments as a more cost-effective and efficient way for patients in these areas to receive care. He explained a 2016 study stating that grouping patients with similar health issues together for appointments can greatly reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. During these appointments, patients also learn more about promoting superior health and develop a support group. Those who attend these group appointments together can lean on each other when in need of information or motivation.

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC concluded by stating that underserved populations can benefit from patient-centered care, health coaching, and shared medical appointments. He added that fully understanding the patient’s economic, social, cultural, and language barriers can help develop a more sustainable and effective treatment plan. Shared medical appointments can result in feelings of safety, superior access to information, self-regulation, and less time spent in waiting areas away from work. Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC encourages all healthcare providers in underserved communities to practice patient-centered care for superior results.

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Discusses How IFM’s Food Plans Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC discusses how IFM’s food plans can improve patient outcomes and overall health.

We are taught about the importance of dietary nutrition in grade school. So why is it that so many adults in the United States suffer from chronic diseases?

In fact, almost half of the adults in the U.S., are suffering from chronic diseases. Many of them are suffering from more than just one. The experts at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC explain that food plans developed by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) can improve patient outcomes when battling chronic diseases, like cancer, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts explain that many of these chronic diseases are due to poor nutrition and excessive alcohol consumption. Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts add that most of the patients suffering from these chronic diseases know that their excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of exercise, or smoking are detrimental to their health. However, they don’t have a personalized or practical plan to combat the issues. 

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC health experts explain that people suffering from chronic diseases need a lifestyle change, and that lifestyle change can be made via an IFM food plan. These food plans are specifically designed to suit the individual patient’s nutritional needs. They’re not a one-size-fits-all food pyramid.

The experts at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC explain that food can be used as medicine, and it can be used to reverse or prevent a number of diseases. They add that IFM food plans provide far more than just healthy foods for patients to eat. They start with nutritional fundamentals and run through processes of foundational interventions (such as a core food plan), first-step interventions (such as an elimination diet), or advanced therapeutic interventions (such as a detox or mito food plan).

The Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts explain the result is a personalized nutrition plan carefully designed for the patient and their health issues. Some may be in need of a vegetarian core food plan, while others may need a cardio-metabolic food plan or a GI specific food plan. Multiple food plans can also be combined into one to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC experts emphasize that an IFM food plan can give the patient the framework he or she needs to start making major health changes. The goal is to provide health plans that are personalized and possible for the patient to accomplish. 

Clinical examples have shown that IFM food plans have helped lower cholesterol, reduce patient risk of heart disease, improve digestion, and even reverse the negative effects caused by chronic diseases. The experts at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC urge anyone interested in making changes to improve their health and enjoy a higher quality of life to contact Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and learn more about possible IFM food plans.

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC Focuses On Providing Functional Medicine to the Community

Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is bringing functional medicine to communities that need it most.

“Functional Medicine” is considered an unproven alternative medicine by some and a fact-based medical approach by others. Ultimately, functional medicine is exactly what it sounds like — treatments and medications that seek to find the root cause of an illness. Many Western medical processes treat symptoms rather than underlying causes. Functional medicine does the complete opposite. 

Due to its efficacy and results-based methodology, functional medicine is at the forefront of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC’s activities in the community.

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Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC and the Mission of Functional Medicine

Most pharmaceutical companies take a “profits only” approach to business. This is part of the reason why the pharmaceutical industry has a bad reputation with many Americans. Drug prices are high, treatments are not always effective, and the quality of healthcare can vary based on your income and the region in which you live.

That’s why Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is ready to try something different. While they have revised their mission statement and goals over the years, their latest approach is turning heads. Rather than merely producing new drugs to treat illnesses, Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is actively researching the root cause of these illnesses. This way, medications won’t just make people more comfortable, they will actually cure them of their ailments.

Dr. Navid Vahedi of Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is spearheading this new initiative and he had a few things to say on the subject:

  • “Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is dedicated to researching and manufacturing the drugs that people actually need. We don’t want to make the pain go away for a few hours; we want to make the pain go away for good.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “In recent months, the team at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC has been developing this plan to move from a traditional drug manufacturing formula to a functional medicine approach. This puts the patients first and helps get life-saving drugs into communities that need it.” Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “A lot of people question the thinking behind functional medication. They fail to see that it has the potential to take medical treatment a step further. We’re not thinking about the next few days or weeks; we’re looking far into the future. And when it comes right down to it, functional medicine is the future, whether the healthcare industry likes it or not. – Dr. Navid Vahedi


  • “Finally, I would like to say that the team at Fusion IV Pharmaceuticals INC is dedicated to communities around the nation and the world. We don’t produce drugs solely to make a profit. We produce results to make lives better. Time will show that our methodology is the best method to keep people happy and healthy for the long-term.” – Dr. Navid Vahedi